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Antonio Lauro


Instrument line-up: Guitar
Edition: Sheet Music
Composer: Antonio Lauro
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Arranger: John William Duarte
Publisher: Universal Edition
Order no.: UE29172
ISMN: 9790008059728
ISBN: 9783702418694
Weight: 60 g
Dimensions: 232x305 mm
Pages: 8


These three pieces by Antonio Lauro form a triptych, dedicated to Andres Segovia. Armida is the name of Lauro's god-daughter (many of his pieces refer to his friends and family), Madrugada is a term for the early hours of the morning (before 5. 00 a. m. ), and La negra, the black (haired) one', is clearly another personal reference. Though the music is to be played expressively, 'romantic bendings' of the tempo are out of character; they should be confined to the points at which Lauro has marked the score with rallentando or ritardando. The original manuscripts contain little left-hand fingering and I have both retained and added to it. All slurs and markings relating to expression are original.

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