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Robert Schumann

Album for the Young op. 68

(revised edition)

Instrument line-up: Piano
Edition: Sheet Music (Urtext)
Composer: Robert Schumann
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At a glance:

Arranger: Ernst Herttrich
Opus: 68
Publisher: Henle Verlag
Order no.: HN45
ISMN: 9790201800455
Language: german
Release: 15.07.2002
Weight: 434 g
Pages: 108


Initially only conceived as a birthday album for his daughter Marie, Schumann's 'Pieces for Piano' op. 68 received tremendous acclaim throughout the world. Is there a piano student who has not played part of them? It is, however, a less well-known fact that Schumann also composed a 'music historical course of instruction' for the piano in this connection. We have included this and other pieces originally intended for the 'Album' in the appendix to our painstakingly revised edition. Rounded off by the inclusion of Ludwig Richter's illustration for the title page of the first edition and the trilingual print of the 'Advice to Young Musicians', our Urtext edition offers a vivid picture of middle-class musical culture in Schumann's times.?

Table of contents:

Armes Waisenkind (The Poor Orphan) Op.68 No.6
Auf Der Gondel (In A Gondola) Op.68
Barentanz (Bear's Dance) Op.68
Ein Choral (A Chorale) Op.68 No.4
Erinnerung (Remembrance) Op.68 No.28
Ernteliedchen (The Harvest Song) Op.68 No.24
Erster Verlust (First Loss) Op.68 No.16
Figurierter Choral (Ornamented Chorale) Op.68 No.41
Fremder Mann (A Stranger) Op.68 No.29
Frohlicher Landmann, Von Der Arbeit Zuruckkehrend (The Merry Peasant, Returning From Work) Op.68 No.
Fruhlingsgesang (Spring Song) Op.68 No.15
Fur Ganz Kleine (For Very Young People) Op.68
Gukkuk Im Versteck (Hide And Seek) Op.68
Haschemann (Catch-me-if-you-can) Op.68
Jagerliedchen (Huntsman's Song) Op.68 No.7
Kleine Fuge (Little Fugue) Op.68 No.39
Kleine Romanze (Little Romance) Op.68 No.19
Kleine Studie (A Little Study) Op.68 No.14
Kleiner Morgenwanderer (Little Dawn-wanderer) Op.68 No.17
Knecht Ruprecht (Knight Rupert) Op.68 No.12
Kriegslied (Battle Song) Op.68 No.31
Landliches Lied (Country Song) Op.68 No.20
Langsam Und Mit Ausdruck Zu Spielen (Poco Lento E Espressivo) Op.68 No.21
Lied Italienischer Marinari (Italian Fishermen's Song) Op.68 No.36
Mai, Lieber Mai, Bald Bist Du Wieder Da! (May, Lovely May, You'll Soon Be Here Again!) Op.68 No.13
Matrosenlied (Sailor's Song) Op.68 No.37
Melodie (Melody) Op.68 No.1
Mignon (Mignon) Op.68 No.35
Nachklange Aus Dem Theater (Echoes Of The Theatre) Op.68 No.25
Nicht Schnell, Hubsch Vorzutragen (Andantino Con Espressione) Op.68 No.26
Nordisches Lied (Nordic Song) Op.68 No.40
Puppenschlafliedchen (Doll's Lullaby) Op.68
Rebus (Puzzle) Op.68
Reiterstuck (The Horseman) Op.68 No.23
Rundgesang (Roundelay) Op.68 No.22
Schnitterliedchen (Reaper's Song) Op.68 No.18
Sehr Langsam (Molto Lento) Op.68 No.30
Sheherazade Op.68 No.32
Sicilianisch (Siciliano) Op.68 No.11
(Soldiers' March) Op.68 No.2

Robert Schumann

Stuckchen (Little Piece) Op.68 No.5
Sylvesterlied (New-year's Eve Song) Op.68 No.42
Thema (Theme) Op.68 No.34
Trallerliedchen (Humming Song) Op.68 No.3
Volksliedchen (Folksong) Op.68 No.9
weinlesezeit - Frohliche Zeit' ('vintage-time - Happy Time') Op.68 No.33
Wilder Reiter (The Wild Horseman) Op.68 No.8
Winterszeit I And Ii (Wintertime I And Ii) Op.68 No.38

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