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Frédéric Chopin

Selected Piano Works

Instrument line-up: Piano
Edition: Sheet Music (Urtext)
Composer: Frédéric Chopin
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Publisher: Henle Verlag
Order no.: HN348
ISMN: 9790201803487
Issuer: Ewald Zimmermann
Release: 15.07.2002
Weight: 457 g
Pages: 128


This Henle Urtext edition is very special, for behind the 'Selected Piano Works' concept is a compilation of Chopin's most popular pieces. Moreover, the editor and publisher have placed great weight on selecting almost exclusively works of a medium level of difficulty, so that Chopin fans of almost all ages will gain maximum enjoyment from this edition. His most popular waltzes, mazurkas, préludes, polonaises and nocturnes are gathered together here, crowned by the immortal Fantaisie-Impromptu.

Table of contents:

Walzer a-moll op. 34,2
Walzer [Minuten] Des-dur op. 64,1
Walzer cis-moll op. 64,2
Walzer (in zwei Fassungen) As-dur op. post. 69,1
Walzer e-moll KK IVa, 15
Walzer a-moll KK IVb, 11
Mazurka B-dur op. 7,1
Mazurka B-dur op. 17,1
Mazurka e-moll op. 17,2
Mazurka gis-moll op. 33,1
Mazurka C-dur op. 33,3
Mazurka cis-moll op. 41,4
Mazurka f-moll op. 63,2
Mazurka g-moll op. post. 67,2
Mazurka a-moll op. post. 68,2
Prélude e-moll op. 28,4
Prélude h-moll op. 28,6
Prélude A-dur op. 28,7
Prélude c-moll op. 28,20
Prélude E-dur op. 28,9
Prélude es-moll op. 28,14
Prélude (Regentropfenpräludium) Des-dur op. 28,15
Prélude F-dur op. 28,23
Polonaise [Dramatique] cis-moll op. 26,1
Polonaise [Militaire] A-dur op. 40,1
Polonaise c-moll op. 40,2
Nocturne g-moll op. 15,3
Nocturne cis-moll op. 27,1
Nocturne H-dur op. 32,1
Nocturne g-moll op. 37,1
Nocturne cis-moll op. post.
Fantaisie-Impromptu cis-moll op. post. 66

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