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Johann Sebastian Bach

Fantasies, Preludes and Fugues

Instrument line-up: Piano
Edition: Sheet Music (Urtext)
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
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Publisher: Henle Verlag
Order no.: HN219
ISMN: 9790201802190
Issuer: Georg von Dadelsen, Klaus Rönnau
Release: 15.07.2002
Weight: 590 g
Pages: 152


In contrast to the large collections of partitas, along with the French and English Suites, Bach's Fantasies, and his Preludes and Fugues besides the Well-Tempered Clavier have not come down to us as interconnected cycles. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why only few of these works gained widespread popularity. Only the much-acclaimed Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV 903/903a and the great c-minor Fantasy BWV 919 have found a permanent place in pianists' concert repertoires. Some of the works compiled in this volume are undoubtedly juvenilia that do not yet hint at the mature Bach whilst nevertheless pointing out the composer's fresh power of invention.

Table of contents:

Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge d-moll BWV 903, BWV 903a
Fantasie und Fuge a-moll BWV 904
Fantasie nebst unvollendeter Fuge c-moll BWV 906
Fantasie und Fuge a-moll BWV 944
Fantasie (Duobus subiectis) g-moll BWV 917
Fantasie (über ein Rondo) c-moll BWV 918
Fantasie c-moll BWV 919
Fantasie a-moll BWV 922
Präludium a-moll BWV 894
Fuge a-moll BWV 894
Präludium und Fuge F-dur BWV 901
Präludium G-dur BWV 902 Nr. 1
Präludium über ein Thema von Albinoni h-moll BWV 923
Fuge über ein Thema von Albinoni h-moll BWV 951
Fuge über das gleiche Thema von Albinoni h-moll BWV 951a
Fuge C-dur BWV 946
Fuge a-moll BWV 947
Fuge d-moll BWV 948
Fuge A-dur BWV 949
Fuge über ein Thema von Albinoni A-dur BWV 950
Fuge nach Reinken B-dur BWV 954
Fuge nach Erselius B-dur BWV 955

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