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Discovery Box


Discovery Box
Instrument line-up: Audio Media
Edition: CD
Composer: LouPoe
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Limit: Piece

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At a glance:

Publisher: Weinberger Musikverlag
Order no.: WEINB2327-41

Table of contents:

Crack Of Dawn (LouPoe)
Unexpected Lights (LouPoe)
Solenoid Power (LouPoe)
Painted Reef (LouPoe)
Turquoise Earth (LouPoe)
Creeping Lava (LouPoe)
Moist Forset (LouPoe)
Electric Ray (LouPoe)
Desert Morn (LouPoe)
Asteroid (LouPoe)
Universe Sunup (LouPoe)
Little Seal Stella (LouPoe)
Nightfall Trail (LouPoe)

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