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Béla Bartók

The Microcosm of String Ensemble Music 3

based on Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos - Advanced

Instrument line-up: String Quartet
Opt. instrument line-up: String orchestra
Edition: Score and Parts and Online Audio
Composer: Béla Bartók
Difficulty level:
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At a glance:

Arranger: András Soós
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest
Order no.: EMB20033
ISMN: 9790080200339
Language: german, english, french, hungarian
Release: 01.04.2022
Dimensions: 302x230 mm
Pages: 192


Mikrokosmos is perhaps the 20th century's most influential set of piano pieces and one of the milestones in pedagogical piano repertoire. These 153 piano pieces, organized in ascending order of difficulty, engage not only with technical aspects of piano playing but also with the fundamentals of composition. In addition, they include character pieces and even pieces with programmatic ideas. The Microcosm of String Ensemble Music provides 148 transcriptions from this series for making music for various string ensembles and graded in four volumes according to level of difficulty. Volumes 1 to 3 also include one copy of each part in addition to the full score. For performances with orchestra, further printed parts can be ordered individually.

1. Elementary (first position): for three violins and cello or children's string orchestra (EMB20031)

2. Intermediate: for three violins and cello or string quartet or junior string orchestra (EMB20032)

3. Advanced: for string quartet and quintet or string orchestra (EMB20033)

4. Advanced: for string orchestra (EMB20034)

Table of contents:

orig. 57
Pentatonic Melody
orig. 61
orig. 54
Dragons' Dance
orig. 72
Melody Divided
orig. 66
orig. 82
orig. 63
orig. 84
Melody with Interruptions
orig. 83
Broken Chords
orig. 85
Two Major Pentachords
orig. 86
Duet for Pipes
orig. 88
Chromatic Invention
1 - orig. 91
orig. 96
orig. 97
Diminished Fifths
orig. 101
In the Style of a Folk Song
orig. 100
Dance in 3/4 Time
orig. 119
Minor and Major
orig. 103
orig. 108
orig. 111
Variations on a Folk Tune
orig. 112
Bulgarian Rhythm
1 - orig. 113
Theme and Inversion
orig. 114
Bulgarian Rhythm
2 - orig. 115
orig. 117
Triplets in 9/8 Time
orig. 118
Two-part Study
orig. 121
Staccato and Legato
3 - orig. 123a, b
orig. 125
Alternating Thirds
orig. 129
Merry Andrew
orig. 139
Perpetuum mobile
orig. 135
Major Seconds Broken and Together
orig. 132
Chromatic Invention
2 - orig. 92
orig. 116
orig. 124, Staccato
Village Joke
orig. 130
orig. 131
2 - orig. 137
Peasant Dance
orig. 128

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