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Brent Vaartstra

500 Jazz Licks

for All Instruments

Instrument line-up: Improvisation
Edition: Book
Composer: Brent Vaartstra
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At a glance:

Series: Jazz Instruction
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Order no.: 00142384
ISBN: 9781495011818
Language: english
Release: 31.01.2016
Weight: 252 g
Dimensions: 158x177 mm
Pages: 68


500 Jazz Licks aims to assist you on your journey to play jazz fluently. These short phrases and ideas we call licks will help you understand how to navigate the common chords and chord progressions you will encounter. Adding this vocabulary to your arsenal will send you down the right path and improve your jazz playing, regardless of your instrument.

Table of contents:

Major 7th Chords
Minor 7th Chords
Dominant 7th Chords
Minor 7th Chords (Dorian)
Major 7thb5 Chords (Lydian)
Everything You Are Not
Ugly Dove
I've Never Met Miss Jones
Lovers No More
Sudden Appearence
Solar Eclipse
Alto Madness
There Will Always Be Another Tune
Do You Know What Love Is?

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