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Cafehaus-Musik für Klavier und Violine

Instrument line-up: Violin and Piano
Edition: Single Part Cello, C Instrument, and Clarinet
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At a glance:

Arranger: Harro Steffen
Publisher: Edition Metropol
Order no.: METEMB920-ERG
Voice: Cello, C Instrument, and Clarinet


Ergänzer für Cello, Bass und Klarinette.

Table of contents:

Wiener Blut

Josef Strauss

Amboss-Polka (Parlow)
Ungarischer Tanz Nr.6

Johannes Brahms

Blue-Tango (Anderson L.)
Classic/Modern (Martha/Carmen)
Narcissus (Nevin)
Melodie In F (Rubinstein)
2 Guitarren (Ferraris)
Der Rosenkranz (Nevin)

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