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Jean-François Michel

Don Quichotte

Instrument line-up: Trumpet and Piano
Edition: Sheet Music
Composer: Jean-François Michel
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Publisher: editions bim
Order no.: BIM-TP324
Term: 11:00 min


Technically, this enchanting 'Don Quixote' suite was created for trumpet and piano players, whose instrumental competence exists somewhere between the 1st and 2nd degrees on a scale of 6 degrees of difficulty, to pursue their instrumental and musical development utilizing themes and rhythms based on the images of four mythical actors in Miguel de Cervantès\u2019 (1547-1616) masterpiece which, since its first publication in 1605, has been deeply rooted into the world's cultural heritage.

This music stimulates the pleasure to play with humor as well as developing an imaginative sense of interpretation.

1. Le Chevalier à la triste figure (Don Quichotte) [Knight of the Sad Face]

As a gangling cosmopolitan hero, he incarnates honesty, idealism, solitude, but also dream, imaginary fantasy, and fundamentally self-derision.

2. Rossinante

This is the name of Don Quixote\u2019s old and docile horse. Calm and resigned he tolerates well the whimsical adventures of his master in the company of Sancho Panza\u2019s mule.

3. Dulcinée

As Don Quixote decided to become a knight-errant he had to find a Lady; so,his imagination converted a simple peasant girl he caught a glimpse of in the village of Toboso into a noble 'Dulcinee of Toboso\u201d. Dulcinee (Ladylove) will be as well the inspiration for his passion, his reason to live, and the muse of his thoughts and eroic fights.

4. Sancho Panza

Sancho, Don Quixote\u2019s servant, is a small chubby farmer, sometimes rash, vulgar but totally faithful. He accepts his masters whims and concedes even to tell him lies to make the phantasmagorical dreams of the Knight of The Sad Face possible.

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