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Andre Waignein

The Box Of Pandora

Instrument line-up: Concert Band
Edition: Score
Composer: Andre Waignein
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Limit: Piece

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Genre: Konzertante Musik
Publisher: Tierolff Musikverlag
Order no.: TRL100123FSH
Term: 09:30:00 min


The Box of Pandora is the final composition André Waignein wrote for Tierolff. He submitted it only two weeks before he died in November 2015. Pandora is, according to Greek mythology, the first woman on earth, created by Hephaestus, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Hermes. She opened a box that released death and destruction into the world. She quickly closed it, but the damage had already been done. Everything had been released except hope, which was still trapped inside the box. Waignein guides you through this myth with this tone poem.

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