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Ariel Ramirez

Misa Criolla

Instrument line-up: Solo Parts, Mixed Choir, Piano, Guitar, Double Bass, and 3 Percussion
Edition: Study Score
Composer: Ariel Ramirez
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Publisher: Volonte & Co
Order no.: MF548
ISBN: 9788863882414
Language: spanish, english
Release: 30.09.2005
Weight: 140 g
Pages: 40


Música: Ariel Ramirez - Texto
Litúrgico Español: Osvaldo Catena, Alejandro Mayol, Jesus Gabriel Segade - Texto Inglés: Louise Dobbs
Arreglo Por Coro: Père Jésus Gabriel Segade
Instrumentación: Piano Or Harpsichorde, Guitar, Double-Bass, Percussions (3), 2 Tenor Drums, 2 Tom-Tom, Triangle, Jingles, Small Gong, Temple Wood Blocks, Snare Drum With Brushes.

Table of contents:

Agnus Dei

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