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Frédéric Chopin

Masterpieces Of Piano Music: Chopin

Instrument line-up: Piano
Edition: Sheet Music
Composer: Frédéric Chopin
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Series: Hal Leonard Instrumental Play-Along
Publisher: Music Sales
Order no.: AM37193
ISBN: 9780739078006
Language: english
Release: 01.02.2011
Weight: 142 g
Pages: 28


Waltzes, Mazurkas, Etudes, Preludes, Polonaises, Ballads and Impromptus - all the popular works for solo piano. Suitable for advanced pianists.

Table of contents:

Op.18 In E Flat Major
Op.64 In D Flat Major
Op.34 No.2 In A Minor
Op.70 No.1 In G Flat Major
Op.64 In E Minor
Op.69 No.2 In B Minor
Op.64 No.2 In C Sharp Minor
Op.69 No.1 In A Flat Major
Op.33 No.2 In D Major
Op.67 No.3 In C Major
Op.67 No.4 In A Minor
Op.68 No.2 In A Minor
Op.24 No.3 In A Flat Major
Op.24 No.4 In B Minor;
Op.10 No.12 In C Minor
Op.10 No.3 In E Major
Op.25 No.2 In F Minor
Op.25 No.9 In G Flat Major
Op.25 No.11 In A Minor
Op.10 No.5 In G Flat Major
Op.10 No.8 In F Major
Op.28 No.15 In D Flat Major
Op.28 No.4 In E Minor
Op.32 No.1 In B Major
Op.62 No.2 In E Major
Op.9 No.2 In B Flat Major
Op.72 No.1 In E Minor
Op.15 No.2 In F Sharp Major
Op.9 No.1 In B Flat Minor
Posthumous In C Sharp Minor
Op.55 No.1 In F Minor
Op.27 No.1 In C Sharp Minor
Op.27 No.2 In D Flat Major
Berceuse In D Flat Major
Op.53 In A Flat Major
Op.40 No.1 In A Major
Impromptu Op.29 No.1 In A Flat Major
Ballad Op.23 In G Minor
Funeral March From Sonato Op.35 No.2
Funeral March From Sonata Op.72 No.2
Fantaisie-impromptu Op.66 In C Sharp Major

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