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Steve Veale

30 Cool Ways To Play The Blues

for Eb Instruments

Instrument line-up: Play Along (Eb Instruments)
Edition: Sheet Music and CD
Composer: Steve Veale
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At a glance:

Series: Jazz Book
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Order no.: 00030449
ISBN: 9780793599103
Language: english
Release: 23.06.1999
Weight: 184 g
Dimensions: 229x305 mm
Pages: 40


Includes 30 terrific tracks representing various styles and forms of the blues. Advice on scale choices and a scale syllabus make this a valuable educational tool for the novice and a 'just plain fun' workout for the more advanced player. Note: the C edition works for Bass Clef instruments.

Table of contents:

Slow Rock
Funky 60s Psychedelic
Scale Syllabus
Lydian Minor Jazz
Southern Rock
Advanced Minor Jazz
Minor Jazz
18 Bar Traditional
Shuffle Rock
No V Contemporary Jazz
Z.Z Rock
Jazz/Rock Fusion
Brazilian Jazz
6/4 Funk
San Francisco Rock
Chicago Style
Diminished Medium Rock
3/4 Jazz
Deadhead Blues
Slow Texas Rock
6/8 Rock
Mississippi Style

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