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Roland Dyens

Tango en Skai

Instrument line-up: Guitar
Edition: Sheet Music
Composer: Roland Dyens
Difficulty level:
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Publisher: Editions Henry Lemoine
Order no.: LEMO24793
ISMN: 9790230947930
ISBN: 9790230947930
Release: 10.01.1985
Term: 2:50 min
Weight: 20 g
Pages: 2


I am fortunate that this piece no longer needs an introduction - a fact that leaves me with little to write now. At the risk of repeating myself, I would like to point out that it is the archetype of those pieces that seem easy but in fact are quite difficult. It is important to take it lightly, almost as a joke. And I could add that for a joke to work, there should be a hint of malice, of pleasure and brevity. Oh, and I nearly forgot: you have to have a very solid technique to bring it off. Not for "serious" musicians.Roland Dyens

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