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Jaap Kastelein

Scales Under Construction

Tonleitern im Bau - Gammes en construction - Tonladders in uitvoering

Instrument line-up: Flute
Edition: Sheet Music and CD
Composer: Jaap Kastelein
Difficulty level:
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Limit: Piece

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Publisher: De Haske Publications
Order no.: DHP1013075-400
ISBN: 9789043114585
Language: english, german, french, dutch
Weight: 135 g
Pages: 24


If you see a house under construction, it's on its way to becoming a complete home for people to live in. With Scales under Construction , it's much the same: step by step, you'll build up a framework while learning to play more and more scales, until you master all the major scales and feel comfortable with them. Scales under Construction deals with all major scales up to those with three sharps or flats in their key signatures - first in the form of an exercise and then in a short fun piece made up of scale fragments. Gradually you'll learn to play all the major scales. Practising scales is important as they help single out different aspects of making music, such as developing your technique and your sense of tonality, and playing by heart.

Table of contents:

`C` for Yourself
With `F`fect
Good I`D`
`B flat`s Where I`s At
`E flat` Under My Hat
All Scales Together

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