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Joachim Johow

Tango Diary - Piano Accompaniment

12 Tangos for Two Violins

Instrument line-up: Violin Duet
Opt. instrument line-up: Piano Trio
Edition: Single Part Piano
Composer: Joachim Johow
Difficulty level:
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Publisher: De Haske Publications
Order no.: DHP1125346-401
ISMN: 9790035222683
ISBN: 9789043142335
Language: english, german, french, dutch
Weight: 175 g
Voice: Piano
Pages: 40


Piano Accompaniment for Tango Diary: The twelve tangos for two violins form a link between the sophisticated tangos by Astor Piazzolla and the popular traditional tango.

Table of contents:

La muerte de la mosca doméstica
La rosa
Dos minutos
En memoria de un gigante
La avenida de los fresnos
El suspiro
El murmullo del mar
El topo
El beso
Una historia
Un mal dia
Doente de amor

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  • Joachim Johow

    Tango Diary

    12 tangos for 2 violins

    • Instrument line-up Violin Duet
    • Instrument line-up Violin Duet

    Die zwölf Tangos für zwei Violinen bilden ein Bindeglied zwischen den anspruchsvollen Tangos von Astor Piazolla und populären traditionellen Tangos. Mit den online im MP3-Format verfügbaren...

    Order no.: DHP1125247-404

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    Order no.: DHP1125247-404

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