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David Blackwell, Kathy Blackwell

The String-Time Teacher's Handbook

Notes and accompaniments for Fiddle, Viola, and Cello Time Starters

Instrument line-up: String Instrument
Edition: Teacher's Book and CD
Composer: David Blackwell, Kathy Blackwell
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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Order no.: 9780193365858
ISBN: 9780193365858
Release: 11.07.2012
Weight: 337 g
Dimensions: 297x210 mm
Pages: 88


A complete resource for all teachers of beginner strings - violin, viola, cello Contains all material required: teacher's notes, music pages, CD with performances and backings, pupils' parts, pupils' worksheets, piano accompaniments Flexible material suitable for all teaching scenarios, from individual and group lessons to whole class lessons including Wider Opportunities Emphasis on aural learning and learning through enjoyment Activities, games, songs, warm ups, trad. and original pieces covering a wide range of techniques and general musicianship Music presented in different clefs and photocopiable or printable from the CD Links with new Starters books for violin, viola, and cello.
A complete resource book for teachers of beginner strings (violin, viola, cello), giving a wealth of creative ideas on aspects of technique and general musicianship. Around 50 activities - songs, games, warm ups, and pieces - are presented with teacher's notes and all relevant musical material. Practical and accessible, the material is designed to be used very flexibly, and is suitable for group and individual lessons, junior string groups, and whole class lessons including Wider Opportunities. - An accompanying CD has performances and backing tracks for all the activities. It also includes a wealth of supplementary pdf pages for unlimited free printing, including pupils' parts in treble, alto, and bass clefs and flash-cards for teaching reading skills. The book also links with the new Starters books for violin, viola, and cello, with some of the pieces printed there.

Table of contents:

Pulse and rhythm
Posture and left-hand skills
Bowing and right-hand skills
Super listeners
Reading time
Scales and arpeggios

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