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Laura de Cosmo, Emile de Cosmo

Know Before You Blow Blues For Group Ensemble


Instrument line-up: Mixed Ensemble
Edition: Score and CD
Composer: Laura de Cosmo, Emile de Cosmo
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Publisher: Santorella Publications Ltd.
Order no.: SANTOR-TS436
ISBN: 9781585607167
Language: english


Most every style of Jazz is derived from some form of the Blues. It is created from a basic I-IV-V chord progression, but capable of generating an array of complex substitutions. This simple progression is found in jazz, rock, swing, shuffle, country and even popular music. Learning to improvise over the blues is essential towards learning to improvise over any style of music.
'Know Before You Blow' is based upon a call & response approach to improvisation. Every scale, exercise & lick is first played by a studio professional prompting an identical response from the student. This phenomenal series, written in accommodating keys for trumpet, flute, trombone, clarinet, alto & tenor sax is ideal for private study or with any ensemble. Santorella's Publications' 'Know Before You Blow' series is an unprecedented resource for improving one's ability to improvise in any playing situation.
The three styles of focus in the Blues Edition are Swing, Jazz/Rock & Shuffle. Every style is clearly defined on the articulation pages & each scale, lick & jazz head is written in every popular key. This Blues Volume includes 2 CDs and is the nucleus of the entire method. KBYB - Blues provides the basic beginnings for any student of jazz who wants to advance to the next level.

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