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Heinrich Schütz

New Schütz Edition 12: Small Sacred Concertos 2

Instrument line-up: Voice and Continuo
Edition: Score (Urtext)
Composer: Heinrich Schütz
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Arranger: Wolfgang Thein
Publisher: Bärenreiter Verlag
Order no.: BA5966-01
ISMN: 9790006497669
Issuer: Beate Agnes Schmidt
Language: german, english
Release: 01.12.2020
Weight: 1059 g
Dimensions: 275x198 mm
Pages: 324


The 'Kleine geistliche Konzerte' (Small Sacred Concertos), published in two parts in 1636 and1639, are among the best-known and well-loved compositions of Heinrich Schütz. Both parts constitute a collection of vocal pieces in a broad range of styles written for only a few voices with basso continuo. Most of the texts are in German, but some are also in Latin. The first volume presents a broad spectrum of vocal scoring, musical forms and texts: there are solo concertos in the Italian style, traditional four-part motets, well-known Psalm texts set to music, hymns as well as mystically contemplative meditative literature. The concertos' monodic qualities and high level of virtuosity - especially in the compositions with German text - made Schütz a household name shortly after the 'Kleine geistliche Konzerte' were published in print. As the works required no large ensembles, they could be performed for different occasions and in various locations; particularly during the Thirty Years' War they could be heard at court, in cities or in villages but also in schools or at home.

Unlike the 1963 edition of the 'Kleine geistliche Konzerte' (BA 3664, BA 3665, BA 3666) as part of the New Schütz Edition, this new volume presents the works for the first time in their original form and order. A historic-critical evaluation of all relevant sources yields new information regarding the composer's intentions, the printing process and the works' reception. Furthermore, the edition includes a reconstruction of an earlier version that has not been published until now. This edition is geared towards musicologists, as well as professional musicians and amateurs with a keen interest in early music.

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