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Scott Tennant

Pumping Nylon

The Classical Guitarrist's Technique Handbook (2nd Edition)

Instrument line-up: Guitar
Edition: Sheet music and DVD
Composer: Scott Tennant
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Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Order no.: ALF44950
ISBN: 9781470631390
Language: english
Release: 31.12.2015
Pages: 144


Second Edition Includes:
> All of the original content
> Three new performance pieces
> Giuliani's Left-Hand Etudes, Op. 1
> New lessons and exercises
> Improved music engravings
> A brand new, high-definition DVD containing lessons and performances of the pieces is also available.

Upon its first publication in 1995, Pumping Nylon became an instant classic and a must-have technique handbook for all classical guitarists, and many players of other styles as well. Scott Tennant's encouraging style, sense of humor, and unique approach to technical training have garnered Pumping Nylon devotees throughout the world. At the heart of it all is the famous 'Daily Warm-Up Routine', which includes 11 clever, helpful exercises to get both hands in shape and ready to play while improving your technical skills.

The invaluable lessons in technique are supplemented by Giuliani's 120 Right-Hand Studies, Tarrega arpeggio studies, and examples from music by Bach, Turina, and Rodrigo. In addition, original compositions by guitar luminaries Brian Head and Andrew York reinforce the material while also providing concert-worthy repertoire.

This new, improved second edition of Pumping Nylon incorporates even more great material with new pieces by Evan Hirschelman, Guiliani's Left Hand Etudes, Op. 1, and new technical exercises in tremolo and balancing chord voicings. The music engravings have been improved for easier reading, and a brand new correlating, high definition DVD has been created and all of the media is available online!

If Pumping Nylon is already part of your library, it's time for an upgrade! Pumping Nylon (Second Edition) is even better than the original. If you're just now finding Scott Tennant's masterpiece, this is a great opportunity to jump on board and start enjoying this classic book. Your practice routine and technical prowess will improve, and you'll have fun as you learn.

Table of contents:

Some Do's and Don't
About The Hands
The Left Hand
The Right Hand
Flamenco technique
Control and Velocity

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