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Malte Heygster

Relative Solmisation

Grundlagen, Materialien, Unterrichtsverfahren (Überarbeitete Neuauflage)

Instrument line-up: Literature
Edition: Book
Composer: Malte Heygster
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Publisher: Schott Musik
Order no.: ED21037
ISBN: 9783795707415
Language: german
Release: 19.06.2012
Weight: 574 g
Dimensions: 240x170 mm
Pages: 288


Solmization-assisted teaching - very old relating to its history and up-to-date relating to its methodology - is stimulating and full of variety, in small steps and comprehensive, intensive and exciting. Schools, choirs, music schools, universities, kindergartens and music academies, they all make use of its qualities in class, within the group or in individual lessons. This book explains what relative solmization is, which role it plays in music lessons and how to work with it. Annotated music examples are suitable both as material for one's own lessons and for understanding progressively structured class schedules. Malte Heygster is an experienced conductor, music school director and teacher. He is particularly interested in the development of musical perception. As a writer, academy teacher and trainer in German-speaking countries, he devotes himself to modern methods supported by relative solmization.

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