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Dick Meyer

Songs 'Round The Campfire

Instrument line-up: Guitar
Edition: Sheet Music
Composer: Dick Meyer
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Publisher: Hal Leonard
Order no.: 00000037
ISBN: 9780931759864
Language: english
Weight: 564 g
Dimensions: 229x305 mm
Pages: 168


92 of your favorite songs sung by 'Hi' Busse, Tom Chambers, Robert Meyer, Dan Meyer, Tom Spaulding, Bob Wagoner, Buck Page, John Ryberg, John Lamount, Tex Ritter, and Carson Robinson. Also includes old cowboy photographs, cowboy tidbits, Tumbleweed History and more.

Table of contents:

Red River Shore
Old Spanish Trail (john Lamont)
Stick Close To Your Bedding Ground (g Frankson)
Rodeo Days (baker/clark)
Is The Range Still The Same Back Home? (d Mcenery)
Ragtime Cowboy Joe (muir/abrahams)
Crooked Trail To Holbrook, The
Trail To Mexico, The (roaming Ranger)
California Stage Company, The (derek Cornett)
Prisoner For Life, A
Hell Bound Train, The (carson Robinson)
Cowboy's Dream, The (charley Hart)
Stampede (derek Cornett)
Jim Oxford And His Salt Creek Girl (dobie)
Gently Does The Trick (carson Robinson)
Code Of The West (john Lamont)
Punchin' Dough (h Knibbs)
Roving Cowboy (buell Kazee)
Bad Brahma Bull (curley Fletcher)
Cowboy, The (frank Chamberlin)
When The Wind Blows Out In Plainville (bundy/baldwin/dobbs)
Bring Him Back Dead Or Alive (paul Kelso)
Face In My Campfire, The (tucker/barton/helle)
Rollin' Rollin' Prairies (buck Page)
Tenderfoot, The
Wells And Fargo Line, The
Song In A Cowboy's Heart, The (streiffe/ross/hime)
By The Silv'ry Rio Grande
Wild Buckaroo
Range Of The Buffalo, The
Roll Wagons Roll (busse)
Cowboy Boasters
Cowboy's Prayer, The
Ride In The Wind (john Ryberg)
Ridin' The Range (busse)
Texas Rangers, The
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle (lilley/loesser)
Ride 'em Cowboy
Melancholy Cowboy, The
I'm Trailing Back To You (dickens/dobbs/deplanque)
Somewhere, Somehow (martin/busse)
Hills Of Mexico, The
Over The Tumbleweed Trail (cochran/robinson)
Make Me A Cowboy Again
Cowboy Jack
An Old Dusty Saddle (frank/king/estes)
High Country (bob Wagoner)
Ghost Of Jim Lane, The
When The Campfire Is Low On The Prairie (stept)
Buffalo Gals
Dreary, Dreary Life, The
Laramie Michael Malone (allison)
Railroad Corral, The
Cowboy's Stroll, The
Cheyenne (williams/van Alstyne)
My Ma Was Born In Texas
Old California (john Lamont)
Little Joe, The Wrangler's Sister Nell (thorp)
Blood On The Saddle (tex Ritter)
Rockin' And Rollin' In The Saddle (busse)
When The Prairie Campfires Burn
Out 'neath The Western Sky (buck Page)
Trail Dust (nale/desavis/scrogin)
Dying Outlaw, The (edith Fowke)
Trail Boss
Red Wing (robert Lyman)
Moonlight On The Canyon (buck Page)
Fair Lady Of The Plains (joan O'bryant)
Jolly Cowboy Song, The (ranger/davis)
Mexicali Rose (tenney/stone)
Timberline (tom Chambers)
Dusty Desert Trail (thomas/utt/cheshire)
Arizona Home (john Ryberg)
I'm Just A Tumbleweed (martin/busse)
Cowboy's Dance Song
Cowboy's Warning, The (buzan/walters/vaughn)
Dreary Black Hills, The
Bronk That Would'nt Bust, The
Only A Lonesome Cowboy (ross/yarwood/van Fossen)
Big Corral, The
Lone Star Trail, The
I Leave My Troubles At The Old Corral (dixon/baker)
End Of The Line (d Meyer, R Meyer & T Spaulding)
Daddy's Little Cowboy (martin/busse)
Moon O'er Montana (d Meyer & T Spaulding)
Pride Of The Prairie (botsford/breen)
I'm Longing For The Range (bailey/sommers/kilmer)
Wandering Cowboy, The (craddock)
La Vaquilla Colorada
Back To The Hills Of Wyoming (buck Page)
Girl I Left Behind Me, The
Old Timer (griffith/cranford)

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