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Greater in Major

33 Original Pieces for Piano

Instrument line-up: Piano
Edition: Sheet music and Online Audio
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Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel
Order no.: EB8936
ISMN: 9790004186039
Issuer: Martina Schneider
Language: german, english
Release: 01.08.2021
Weight: 349 g
Dimensions: 305x230 mm
Pages: 68


Playing piano is great - and not just in minor but also, of course, in major keys as well! High time for the publication of the companion to our bestseller Toll in Moll [Finer in Minor] (EB9410) to complete now the long missing other half.
> Playing piano is great - with a selection of beautiful original works, easy to moderate in difficulty. These include both familiar but above all not so familiar pieces from a repertoire varying in terms of era and style. Just by listening to them, these pieces will inspire you to want to play piano more and more.
> Playing piano is great - when pianists musically en route to the large wonderful works of piano literature have the opportunity to delve more deeply into the special aspects of piano music from different epochs.
> Playing piano is great - with the pair, Great in Major and Great in Minor, two piano books that pianists of all ages can always return to and enjoy over many years.

Table of contents:

Les Tourbillons - Wirbelwind
aus: Pièces de clavecin 1724

Jean Francois Dandrieu

aus: Partita V

Johann Kuhnau

aus: Sonate d'Intavolatura per Organo e Cimbalo 1716

Domenico Zipoli

Le Triomphe - Der Triumph
aus: Sechs leichte und dabei angenehme Clavier-Partien

Johann Nikolaus Tischer

aus: Suonate per il Cembalo

Baldassare Galuppi


Wilhelm Friedemann Bach


Georg Christoph Wagenseil

aus: Partie IV

Johann Wilhelm Häßler

Prélude varié
aus: Der Tonkreis

Johann Wilhelm Häßler

Hob. XVII: Anh

Joseph Haydn

Allegro scherzando
aus: Sonaten für Liebhaber und angehende Clavierspieler 1792

Johann Georg Witthauer

Variationen über ein österreichisches Volkslied

Friedrich Kuhlau

Nr. 9 aus: 18 Ètudes de Genre op. 109

Johann Friedrich Burgmüller

Nr. 32 aus: Der erste Vortrag op. 210

Cornelius Gurlitt

Nr. 6 aus: Sechs kleine Vortragsstücke op. 221

Cornelius Gurlitt

Brown-Index 133

Frédéric Chopin

Am Abend
Nr. 2 aus: Stimmungsbilder op. 88

Heinrich Hofmann

Nr. 3 aus: Lyrische Stücke op. 12

Edvard Grieg

Nr. 8 aus: Eight Miniatures op. 113

Edmund Parlow

Die Erzählerin
Nr. 1 aus: Bilder aus dem Leben op. 41

Richard Krentzlin

Einzug der Marionetten
Nr. 7 aus: Fantoccini op. 21

Samuel Majkapar

Valse lente
op. 33

Oskar Merikanto

Aux champs
Auf den Feldern

Reinhold Glière

La machine à coudre
Die Nähmaschine

Jacques Ibert

Nr. 2 aus: Vier Rondos für Klavier op. 60

Dmitri Kabalewski


William Gillock

New Orleans Blues

William Gillock

Attention Seeker
Nr. 5 aus: Mikrostyles Collection

Christopher Norton

Step Time
Nr. 12 aus: Jazz Piano Studies 1

John Kember

On the Line
Nr. 36 aus: Mikrostyles Collection

Christopher Norton

Nr. 6 aus: Pop Piano Vol. 2

Daniel Hellbach

Concerto for Julia
Nr. 10 aus: Fun with Jazz Piano Vol. 3

Mike Schönmehl

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