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125 Easy Classical Studies

Taken from classical flute methods

Instrument line-up: Flute
Edition: Sheet Music
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At a glance:

Arranger: Frans Vester
Publisher: Universal Edition
Order no.: UE16042
ISMN: 9790008042607
ISBN: 9783702412906
Issuer: Frans Vester
Language: english
Release: 07.10.2003
Weight: 270 g
Dimensions: 305x232 mm
Pages: 64


Vester's famous collection of 125 easy classical studies is an ideal introduction to the stylistic aspects of music from the 17th - 20th century. Selected from the works of famous flautists such as Devienne, Böhm and Köhler, Vester's compilations are quite unique and are standard repertoire.

Table of contents:

Devienne François, Nr. 58-60, 65, 66, 77-80 aus "Méthode pour la Flute"

François Devienne

Drouet Louis François Philippe, Nr. 125 aus "Méthode pour la Flute"

Louis Drouet

Fürstenau Anton Bernhard, Nr. 90-92, 115 aus "Flötenschule op. 42"

Anton Bernhard Fürstenau

Gariboldi Giuseppe, Nr. 1-3, 13-15, 48, 49 aus "Méthode complète de Flute op. 128"

Giuseppe Gariboldi

Hugot Antoine, Nr. 68-74, 97-101, 105-108, 114 from "Méthode de Flute du Conservatoire"

Antoine Hugot

Köhler Ernesto, Nr. 4-6, 22-26, 56, 57 aus "Schlule für Flöte"

Ernesto Köhler

Nicholson Charles, Nr. 109-112, 116-124 aus "C. Nicholson's School for the Flute"

Charles Nicholson

Nr. 7-12, 16-21, 27-33, 39-43, 50-55, 61, 81-86, 93-96, 102-104 aus "Erster Flötenunterricht op. 387

Wilhelm Popp

Nr. 34-38, 44-47, 87-89, 113 aus "Grosse Praktische Flötenschule op. 53"

Henry Soussmann

Tromlitz Johann Georg, Nr. 62-64, 67, 75, 76 aus "Ueber die Flöte mit mehrern Kleppen etc."

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