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Wolf Escher

20 Jazz-Duets Vol. 2


Instrument line-up: Trumpet Duet
Edition: Sheet music
Composer: Wolf Escher
printed version
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At a glance:

Publisher: Schott Musik
Order no.: TR14
ISMN: 9790001101912
Release: 23.01.1984
Weight: 133 g
Dimensions: 230x305 mm
Pages: 28


2. Band der 20 Jazz Duette für 2 Trompeten für Fortgeschrittene.

Table of contents:

Trumpeter's Delight
Groove In 6/8
Living With The Blues
The Twins (Waltz)
Blowin' Out
Faster Than Wind
Little Thing
Trumpet Broth
Rock Around The Blues
Dark And Mellow (Bossa)
Etude In 3 Different Keys
One For
The Screamer
Tiny Screamer
Tiny Piece
High And Low (Fast Samba)
Run! (Dixie)
A la Clifford (Medium Swing)
The 21st Century Will Come
Troubles In Your Brain
Strength And Healthy

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